Caribbean Hold’em

Caribbean Hold’em, a delightful variant of Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular poker games, was developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG). Players can therefore expect the best graphics, sound effects, and animations. The game owes its popularity to a progressive jackpot, which keeps growing with each bet placed on the game till a lucky casino player wins it and becomes rich.

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How to Play

If you have played Texas Hold’em, you will find it easy to play Caribbean Hold’em. Unlike a game of Texas Hold’em, which is played against other players, Caribbean Hold’em is played against the house. In this sense, the game bears a similarity to blackjack. The game begins with a bet called “ante,” after which the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. Three community cards are also placed face-up on the table. Players are now required to study the situation and either fold or place another bet called the “call bet.” In Caribbean Hold’em, players aim at creating a five-card hand stronger than the dealer’s. If players feel that they have an opportunity to beat the dealer by creating a stronger poker hand, they can place the call bet. Once this happens, two more community cards are placed on the table. Players have to use the five community cards on the table and the two cards dealt to them to create a strong five-card poker hand. They will emerge as the winners if their hand is stronger than the dealer’s. According to the rules of Caribbean Hold’em, the dealer needs to get at least a four pair in order to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify and players place a call bet, they will win their ante bets and get back their call bet amounts. However, if the dealer qualifiers and players place a call bet and the game results in a tie, players will get back their ante bets. The game is incredibly easy to play and is a perfect blend of two of the most popular casino games, blackjack and poker.

Progressive Jackpot

As previously mentioned, the most attractive feature of Caribbean Hold’em is its progressive jackpot. If players want to win this progressive jackpot, they need to first activate it by placing an optional side bet of $1. If they do not place this bet, they will not win the progressive jackpot even if they create the winning hand. The value of the progressive jackpot is displayed at all times on the gaming screen, and experts say that players should avoid betting on it unless it is large enough to be worth the risk. Players can win either a fraction of the progressive jackpot or all of it depending on the strength of their poker hand. In order to win the smallest part of this jackpot, players need to get a Flush. If they are lucky enough to get the Royal Flush, they will win the entire progressive jackpot.


The payout structure of Caribbean Hold’em is very generous, but players need to create at least a Flush to get paid. All poker hands weaker than the Flush get paid even money, and this includes three-of-a-kind hands and the Straight. The lucky player who gets the Royal Flush will get a payout of 100:1 plus the entire progressive jackpot if he or she had first activated it by placing the optional side bet of $1. Players can win as much as $50,000 playing Caribbean Hold’em. In case of Caribbean Hold’em, the ante bet is more important than the call bet as all payouts are calculated on the basis of the ante bet.